Are You Sick & Tired of 
Being Sick & Tired

Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Difficulty losing weight/obesity
  • ​Type 2 diabetes
  • ​Muscle or joint pain or inflammation
  • ​High blood pressure
  • ​Insomnia
  • ​High cholesterol
  • ​Gallstones or Gallbladder removal
  • ​Increased abdominal fat
  • ​Indigestion/GERD/acid reflux
  • Poor digestion/constipation
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • ​Depression/anxiety

If you checked any of the boxes, you may have a TOXIC METABOLISM. I invite you to keep reading to learn how a toxic metabolism could be keeping you from reaching your goals.

The Transformational Health Coaching Program that PURGES the trapped TOXINS in Fat Cells. 
The result is an astounding NEW, HEALTHIER, CONFIDENT, and PAIN-FREE you. 

There is nothing “normal” about feeling sick and tired. 

We were blessed with a God-given right to lead a long and healthy, pain-free life. We were designed to live life with abundant energy, free from chronic diseases.  

If you are suffering from pain, poor digestion, fatigue or metabolic disorders it means your body is no longer functioning the way it was meant to

Unfortunately, the mainstream medical solution to these problems—keep on popping prescription pills—does nothing to solve the root causes of your imbalances. The result is that you are denied the opportunity of living your highest quality of life possible. 

And the standard advice to exercise and eat right? That just doesn’t cut it. Not when you’re in chronic pain and can hardly get out of bed in the morning. And as for what to eat: there’s just way too much conflicting and false information out there. It’s no wonder most people get frustrated and give up on achieving their health goals. 

But I have great news for you!

If you want to experience a profound transformation, one that’ll have you feeling energetic and happy the moment you open your eyes in the morning, my 60 day transformation program—Revitalize Your Health—is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Now I know what you might be thinking: “I’ve tried almost every diet out there and nothing has worked, and I still feel like crap.” 

I get it. Maybe you managed to lose weight but as soon as you stopped the crazy latest fad diet, you put the weight right back on and then some. 

I feel your pain because for years I did the same yo-yo dieting. Lose 10 pounds. Feel ecstatic. Stop the diet because it was too insane and gain 15 pounds quicker than you lost the 10 pounds. Sink into despair. Repeat cycle. 

But REVITALIZE Your Health is not a diet. Repeat: not a diet. Instead, it’s a lifestyle that’s so easy to stick to and gives you all the support you need. And it won’t just help you lose weight, it will help you conquer your toxic metabolism, which is holding you back from living your best life. 

Lose Up To 20 Pounds & Learn How To Keep It Off For Good—50 Days Of Full Meal Planning Included—No “What Should I Eat?” Guesswork Involved!

REVITALIZE Your Health is a 3-phase program designed to instill life-long healthy habits in an engaging, fun, and supportive environment

Phase I: Jump Start Detoxification - 14 days

  • ​Lose 5-12 lbs in the first 14 days and two to five inches off your waistline! 
  • Learn how toxins get trapped in fat cells and start eliminating them from your body.
  • ​Overcome essential fatty acid deficiency to become a fat-burning machine! (Yes, healthy dietary fat helps you burn stored body fat!) 
  • ​Maximize your body’s detoxification potential with supplements formulated to help you digest dietary fat and burn stored body fat—designed by Radical Metabolism Diet author, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman.​

Phase 2: Metabolic RESET - 21 days

  • ​Boost detoxification capacity and improve overall health and wellness by introducing foods rich in essential fatty-acids.
  • Repair cell membranes, Lower inflammation and enjoy your favorite activities pain-free - the way nature intended!
  • ​Balance hormones for the first time in decades. Reduce the amount of insulin your cells need to control blood sugar levels.
  • Eat 3 nutrient dense whole foods meals per day and snacks—no calorie counting required!
  • ​Delicious and nutritious meal planning provided every day. No having to guess what to eat!
  • ​Continue your metabolic reboot supplement regimen to maximize your fat-burning potential.
—> By the end of Phase II, you will have a better understanding of nutritional therapy, metabolism and detoxification than most medical doctors. No joke!

Phase 3: Transition To Forever Healthy Habits (Final 14 days, plus the rest of your life)

  • ​Toxic metabolism is overcome and reversed. Now you get to reintroduce foods that you eliminated during the first two phases. 
  • Explore new recipes and learn to create healthy meals and habits for yourself and your family with minimal effort. 
  • ​Enjoy your new lease on life with abundant energy, self-love and a positive body image.  

Guess WHAT....


BONUS #1 - Daily Motivational Videos

  • Afraid you will fall off the wagon again? No Worries! You will receive DAILY Motivational Videos to keep you on track and FOCUSED for 60 Days!
  • These videos are to encourage you and keep you focused on WHY you decided to do this for yourself and tips to make program navigation as SIMPLE as possible!
  • Think I'm going to leave you hanging after 60 days? Fear not....
  • ​After your 8 week program you will continue to have WEEKLY videos for an ENTIRE YEAR! 

Bonus #2 - FREE Book 

  • INCLUDED: Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman's New York Times Best Selling Book Radical Metabolism 
  •  FEATURES: In Depth look into the protocol in which this program was designed and MORE RECIPES to help you live the LIFESTYLE 


EXCLUSIVE Membership Site and Facebook Group

  • ENDLESS SUPPORT:  Failure is not an option! Belong to a like-minded community where you can share recipes and ideas, ask questions if you feel stuck and encourage others by your success. 
  •  MEMBERSHIP SITE: Neatly organized content for continued lifetime use so you always have your toolkit at your fingertips!

 Meet REVITALIZE Your Health Creator, Jenna Witt, Health Care Provider, Coach, & Recovered Emotional Eater 

Hi. I’m Jenna Witt, a busy mother of 4 kids living in northeastern Nebraska. I’ve been a nurse practitioner since 2012, and since 2014, I’ve worked in an emergency primary care setting. It’s been so rewarding to help patients get back on their feet again as quickly as possible. But ultimately, I determined that being a nurse was not fulfilling enough!

When I was going through my nurse practitioner training, I struggled with my own health concerns—weight gain and depression. In 2017, I embarked on a journey that helped me overcome crippling self-doubt. This program also helped me eliminate my paralyzing, negative body image that was sabotaging my health and happiness. 

This transformational health coaching program was like a total brain flip. I learned how to eliminate toxic thoughts and patterns. I learned how to fall in love with myself all over again. 

The result is that I am now extraordinarily fulfilled by helping people overcome a toxic metabolism and educate them to develop simple, lifelong healthy habits. I can’t begin to tell you what an incredible feeling it is to help people rediscover their God-given right to a pain-free life of health and happiness. 

I’m very excited to be your transformational wellness coach and help you REVITALIZE YOUR HEALTH.

What Graduates Of “REVITALIZE Your Health” Are Saying

This was really appealing to me because I wanted something to give me a nice jump start in boosting my metabolism and getting back on track towards my goal. I lost 10lbs and 8 inches in 5 weeks and I'm still losing! I feel like preparation instructions and details made things easy to stick to despite a busy work week. If you want to learn how to fuel your body and see results, the REVITALIZE Your Health Program will help you know you are doing what is right for your body.-Candy  
What I've enjoyed about the REVITALIZE Your Health Program was that is was well laid out. The meals tasted good so I was able to cook not only for myself, but for my family. With the program, I lost 7lbs and 6 inches in 30 days.-Christine
 The REVITALIZE Your Health Program was great for me! It gave me a lot more energy. I knew step by step what I needed to do and was simple to follow. I lost a total of 10lbs and 9 inches and I think we can all agree that is just incredible when you were at a plateau and not sure where to turn next. It was amazing to see results the very first week! -Kristi

Benefits of healing a TOXIC METABOLISM

So what’s a toxic metabolism

Toxic metabolism is when your body stores extra fluid in fat tissue. This fatty tissue in your body becomes full of toxins. As a result, your gallbladder and liver are congested. They’re working overtime to try to detoxify your body but after many years, they become overworked. 

When your detox organs are too sluggish to eliminate toxins, all the gunk has to go someplace else. And that someplace else in your bloodstream. From there, the body then moves it into the next safest place: fat cells. But you only have a set number of fat cells; you can’t grow more fat cells but your fat cells can grow bigger.

Through my REVITALIZE Your Health program, which I designed for people just like you with busy lives, you’ll reverse your toxic metabolism once and for all!

And I promise the results will be unbelievable: 

  • Balance thyroid gland function
  • ​Overcome weight loss plateaus and weight loss resistance
  • ​Boost metabolism
  • ​Reduce or eliminate emotional/stress eating 
  • ​Burn excess body fat 
  • ​Heal gut function/gut lining 
  • ​Increase bile production and gallbladder function
  • ​Rebuild healthy cells
  • ​Reset taste buds to eliminate sugar cravings

Imagine The Life You Deserve To Live Starting Now! 

Picture how incredible you’re going to feel when once and for all, in as little as 60 days, you will no longer have a toxic metabolism!

Imagine being able to engage in activities that you never thought you’d be able to do again because of chronic pain and inflammation. Imagine the pounds and inches melting off and being able to comfortably fit in dresses and pants that you thought you’d have to get rid of. Imagine being able to pick up your child or grandchild problem-free. Imagine having no troubles going to the bathroom anymore... 

If you’re excited about living your best life, here’s what my 60 day “REVITALIZE Your Health Program” offers:

Healthy meal menus, tips and tricks

I’ll show you how to fine-tune your macronutrient ratios (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) to best suit your unique metabolism. My 50 day full menu plan totally takes the thinking out of healthy meal planning. I understand you’re busy and don’t have the luxury of researching how to prepare and cook healthy meals. (Got kids? They will love these delicious meals, too!)

Every day of the 50 day meal planning includes delicious breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ingredients list, plus meal prep tips and checklists and more. REVITALIZE Your Health also teaches you how to easily create “don’t-think-about-it meal-planning” yourself. 

Supplements for ultimate wellness

Just like meal planning, knowing which supplements to take and when is a nightmare. Not anymore. With my program, you get the following: Bile Builder, Weight Loss Formula, Radical Metabolizer, Fat Flush Protein, Thyro-Key, Daily Greens, Mag-Key … and you’ll learn exactly when to use these health-building supplements for maximum fat-burning success. Formulated by groundbreaking nutritionist, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. 

Exclusive Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group & Membership Area

You deserve endless support. And after the 60 day program is over, you’re not left in the dark. On the contrary, you’ll easily keep the momentum going with community support. Normally $47 a month for the membership, this is a $564 value!

One year of daily motivational coaching tips and videos 

You’ll learn how to record a daily transformation journal plus you’ll learn the 5 Radical Rules To Revitalize Your Metabolism, 7 Ways To Heal & Seal a Leaky Gut and so much more…

Again, this is NOT some quick weight loss fad. This is a lifestyle program that’s time-tested and guaranteed to help you banish a toxic metabolism and keep the healthy habits going for life!

How Much Does It Cost To “REVITALIZE Your Health” ?

Normally, this comprehensive health transformation program costs well over $2,000!

* 50 Days “Done For You, No Thinking” Meal Plan
$499 Value

* Supplements: safe, gentle, and effective for detox and fat-burning
$360 Value

* Daily motivational videos and emails
$499 Value

​* Weekly post program motivational videos
$497 Value

​BONUS: Exclusive LIFETIME access to program membership area and Facebook group for continued support
$564 Value Per Year Forever

* 50 Days “Done For You, No Thinking” Meal Plan

* Supplements: safe, gentle, and effective for detox and fat-burning

* Daily motivational videos and emails

​* Weekly post program motivational videos

​BONUS: Exclusive LIFETIME access to program membership area and Facebook group for continued support

($499 Value)

($360 Value)

($499 Value)

($497 Value)

($564 Value)
per year for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

But for TODAY you DON'T have to pay $2,419

You will Only Pay.. 

*Financing Offered Through Paypal Credit*

Still Not Sure?

I'd hate for you to miss out!

This is ONLY for the first 30 People!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to DITCH the pain and feel your BEST .


Not only will you save $1,822 off the retail price of the REVITALIZE Your Health Program, when you're one of the first 30 people to enroll, you'll also receive the following BONUSES: 
  • Complimentary 60 Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session: Uncover what has been holding you back from reaching your goals!
  • High Quality Protein Truvani Vanilla: 20 EXTRA servings of Vanilla Protein to keep you fueled through your program

Check Out These Extraordinary Results!

The trial group that just went through my program lost up to 20 pounds and on average 6 inches in waist size in an abbreviated one month program. 

Just imagine how incredible you’re going to feel and amazing you’re going to look after 60 days! The transformations my clients have undergone has been the most rewarding thing for me to watch. And I can’t wait to share it with you. 

In fact, I’ll have to take it down in another 24 hours—or sooner. When full capacity-100 people- is reached, that's it. The opportunity to invest on a new lease on life for 50% OFF is out the window.

Don’t hesitate. Join me on this extraordinary transformational journey. 

I’m so excited to work with you. I can’t wait to hold your hand and help you REVITALIZE your health!

Jenna Witt, APRN-NP, Certified Health Coach, Recovered Emotional Eater


By this time tomorrow, there's a good chance that all 30 spots will be filled up. Don't procrastinate! Take charge of your health and wellness! This is the most important decision of the rest of your life--and you'll be glad you reserved your spot!

Here's what you'll get with each REVITALIZE Your Health Kit:

  • 50 Day Meal Plan for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • 7 Daily Supplements: Designed to reboot your metabolism and boost your health
  • Lifetime Membership in the REVITALIZE Your Health Community and Private Facebook Group
  • ​Books by nutrition PIONEER, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
  • ​One YEAR of daily motivational tips and coaching videos....and MORE!
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